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Fiche de presentation des personnages de ma fic
Fiche de présentation des personnages
Andy et Amy
Nom complet : Andréa et Amélia Jefferson
Âge : environ 10 ans.
Vivent à : Bourg Palette, Kanto
Profession : Dresseurs.
Famille : Père ( nom inconnu ), Mère ( nom inconnu ), Alex ( frère ainé ), Jade ( soeur ainé ), Tony ( fiancé de Jade ; beau frère ), Emma ( futur fille de Jade ; niece )
Physique : Andy est de taille moyenne, il a les cheveux mi-longs noir avec des mèches blanches, et les yeux vert-marron. Il porte généralement un T-shirt noir, une chemise à carreau fermeture éclair grise, un manteau long noir ( comme Kirito de SAO ) avec des bandes bleus, rouges, jaunes et vertes, une capuche avec des poils synthétiques blancs sur le bord comme au bout des manches, ainsi que le logo de la ligue sur une poche au niveau du cœur. Il porte également un chapeau de feutre rouge avec un dessin de pokéball, un pantalon cargo gris, des chau
:icontharlon:Tharlon 0 1
Pokemon : The Twin's Journey presentation
Bonjour à tous, je vous présente ma première fan-fiction Pokémon, The Twin's Journey ( ça sonne mieux en anglais qu'en français ). L'histoire ce passe dans une version du monde Pokémon qui combine l'anime, les jeux et certains éléments des mangas, tout en restant à part.
L'histoire suit donc les jumeaux Andy et Amy durant leur quête commune de devenir maître Pokémon, comme leur idole Sacha. Ils rencontrerons différents amis et rivaux, et auront également affaire à la terrible Team Rocket.
Le prologue devrait sortir dans au moins 1 mois, si ce n'est 2, et les autres chapitres devrait garder une fréquence régulière de 1 a 2 par mois, sauf si je bloque dans la rédaction alors je préviendrais. La fic sera en français, car je ne suis pas bien bilingue, mais aussi pour attirer les lecteurs français ou les anglais qui serait bilingues...
M'enfin voila, j’espère que cet
:icontharlon:Tharlon 1 5


Mature content
Rapunzel :iconnotabot999:notabot999 175 17
Mature content
Swamp creature :iconrandomgirl1265:RandomGirl1265 37 14
The I. A. (infinite alien) pregnancy
Kathryn Moore woke up from the floor within  her bedroom with her head pounding and tightly clutching her stomach as it violently lurched. Kathryn looked across the room only to find nothing but cleaning supplies and to find out that she is still wearing the clothing she wore for work the previous night: A black business blazer, a maroon silk shell scoop neck embroidered sleeveless shirt, black side slit pencil skirt and her black ankle strap buckle sling back closed toe-pointed stiletto heels. Kathryn also has dark brown hair with curled ends and has blue eyes which is look around to room trying to remember what has happened and why was she on the floor in the first place.
Immediately Kathryn walks to the door and tries to open it only to find out it won't budge at all. " I need to get out of here" she thought as she looked around her room to find anything useful to help her open the door only to find nothing but her wardrobe, bedroom mirror, clothes drawer and her bed. Sighing w
:iconinfinitebelly:InfiniteBelly 114 15
Broadcast 1 This just in...
It was a bright summers Monday morning as Hayley walked to work. Her breasts gently bounced with each step as she went to grab some coffee before heading to work. Strolling inside she was disappointed at the fact her favourite hipster barista wasn't working that day. Instead Nicholas was working there. 
Nicholas and Hayley didn't exactly get allong. In the fast paced world of journalism and reporting, Hayley had no time to listen to Nicholas’s home grown, organic teas and delicacies. “Alright you obnoxious, organic, judgemental, man bun wearing hipster; give me a mocha-chino . No organic BS, no pamphlets on the rainforests, just the mocha."
Giving Hayley a harsh death stare, he made the coffee and received his lousy tip. “Enjoy your toxic ash” said Nick as he collected the rest of the money. 
Hayley walked with her cup of coffee to the PGNT Tower. One of the largest buildings in Quincyberg. PGNT had the 3rd best coverage of news across America from its
:iconfranticscribbler:FranticScribbler 114 4
Mature content
DinoEggs - Commission :iconkomperaklause:KomperaKlause 95 13
Twas The Night Before Christmas
I sighed as I walked into my house. My 9-month pregnant belly led the way. In my hands are bags of presents that I have to wrap and put under my Christmas tree for family who are coming over in the morning.
My name is Benson Tyler. I am 23 years old and a single mom. Never met a guy I wanna settle down with you know? Now you are probably wondering how I got pregnant if I never had a guy I wanna settle with right? Well the answer is simple. I was artificially inseminated.
As I walked into the house my cat Mavis ran to me and licked my face a million times giving me kisses. I pet him and smiled. “Hi Mavis. I got you something awesome.” I said as I set the bags on the counter. “Sweet boy what are you doing?” I asked as he started to sniff the bags.
Trying to figure out what you got for me. He said in my head. Did I tell you I can speak to cats? It’s really awesome; makes caring for Mavis so easy.
I giggled and tapped his nose. “That is cheating M
:iconelviratepes:ElviraTepes 140 32
One Baby... Coming Up!
One Baby... Coming Up!
By Lysa Baker
February 22nd 2013.

Louis Windell sighed as the last customer left for the day. He hated having to be the one who closed up Clucket Bucket which was where he worked.
“But a job's a job.” He sighed to himself as he pulled his keys from his belt and locked the door then set the alarms.
“I'm leaving for the night Louis.” His boss Tanisha Winters said as she slung her purse over her shoulder. “You need a ride home?” She asked looking at him.
“Nah... We'll make it home alright. I live right behind the restaurant anyway.” He said rubbing his round nine month pregnant belly.
“Ok... Be careful.” She said and then walked out the other door.
Louis then locked that one and sat down to catch his breath. He had been feeling contractions all day and knew that his daughter was due soon.
Her healthy debut meant the world to him especially after leaving his abusive wife who used to smack him in the b
:iconluigifanatic87:LuigiFanatic87 97 3
Synyster Vengeance
Brian Haner sat in the bathroom looking at the plastic stick that lay upside down on counter. It seemed to laugh at him. He still had 3 minutes before that tiny plastic stick would decide his fate. He never knew that one drunken fling would lead to this moment. He never even figured that this was possible until he learned about men actually getting pregnant and carrying their babies to term.
Only a week prior he saw the article in the paper about 20 men found pregnant and having babies. He read and reread the article  gazillion times. He found it really hard to believe. He couldn't be pregnant could he? He's really not like the men mentioned in the news is he?
Now to prove his brain wrong he sat waiting for his cell to tell him that the five minutes wait period is over. As if on cue his cell rang saying time was up. He grabbed the test in shaking hands. He flipped it over with closed eyes. He opened his eyes and looked at the Positive looking back at him. He scowled at
:iconelviratepes:ElviraTepes 66 44
The Morning After by SfmGuts The Morning After :iconsfmguts:SfmGuts 166 3 Mimikyu the ME HOY MINOY doodles+headcanons. by Alessia-Nin10doh Mimikyu the ME HOY MINOY doodles+headcanons. :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 68 24
Mature content
Halloween Contest 2016: Curse of the Were-Preggo :iconnotabot999:notabot999 100 11
Mature content
VR Pregnancy Story 01 :icontinythemountain:tinythemountain 62 10
Train ride by fuccbou
Mature content
Train ride :iconfuccbou:fuccbou 185 23
Birth Generator
Birth Generator
Hey there.
I came up with my own idea of a birth generator.
You can CHOOSE and don’t have to use a randomizer or to roll a dice.
Please comment what you’ve chosen for each section and I try to write a birth story with your choices.
Don’t wonder that there isn’t a section where you could chose a helper or someone who assist. I prefer unassisted birth and I try my best to just write unassisted birth stories with your choices.
1. Character’s Age?
a. 16-19
b. 20-25
c. 26-30
d. 31-35
2. How are the hips?
a. Wide
b. Normal
c. Narrow
3. How many babies?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
4. Baby Weight  (Chose the weight for each baby if multiples)
a. 2,5 kg  (5,5 lbs)
b. 3,0 kg  (6,6 lbs)
c. 3,5 kg  (7,7 lbs)
d. 4,0 kg  (8,8 lbs)
e. 4,5 kg  (9,9 lbs)
f. 5,0 kg  (11,0 lbs)
g. 5,5 kg  (12,1 lbs)
h. 6,0 kg  (13,2 lbs)
5. How well do you cope?
a. Weak  (screaming and crying with each contraction)
b. Normal
c. Strong
:iconcrystal-babylover:Crystal-Babylover 18 28
Mature content
All In :iconfindsounddragon:findsounddragon 12 2
Profile by fuccbou
Mature content
Profile :iconfuccbou:fuccbou 90 48



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Je suis français, je ne parle pas très bien anglais.


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